Aunt Marty

aunt martyPursuing Love
John 1:6-8
Exodus 34:29-33

There was a women sent from God, whose name was Marilyn. She came as a witness, to bear witness about the Light, that all might believe through her. She was not the Light, but boy does she reflect it brightly. Like Moses of old sometimes her light is so bright that it makes other uncomfortable. Light has a way of exposing those things people would like to keep hidden. Light makes dirt and grime more visible.

As a kid it wasn’t ‘Aunt Marty’s’ (Marilyn) light that scared me it was her lips!! Little boys you see… hate receiving kisses from anyone whose name does with begin with the letter ‘mom’. And ‘Aunt Marty’s kisses never came single soldiers but in whole battalions’. Her kisses were also always loud, wet and public.

On this particular day, six year old me did not know ‘Aunt Marty’ was in town. I walked to the the front of the chapel to ask my mother a question when I realized who she was talking to… Our eyes locked and time stood still. I dove under the first pew and took off towards the back of the room as fast as my knees and elbows would take me.

About the fifth row I realized in Horror, that ‘Aunt Marty’ was jumping from pew to pew in her full Salvation Army uniform, complete with long skirt and heels. Not only was she coming after me but it was clear that I was not going to get away! By the time I slid out from under the last row she scooped me up in full embrace and covered my face in kisses.

Somewhere along the way I stopped running and learned to accept ‘Aunt Marty’s’ unyielding, passionately pursuing love for the gift that it was. The other day I was at a camp meeting sitting in the fifth row. She came in and sat in the first. A few minutes into the program she turned around and our eyes locked. Yes, 39 year old me climbed over 4 rows in front of hundreds of people and proudly let Aunt Marty plant as many kisses on me as she wanted.

She is not the light but, boy does she reflect it brightly!

“neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:39 NIV

One comment

  1. Yes! My sweet baby…loved so much because God spared your life and has produced a Christ Servant who is seeking a life saved for obedience to Him! For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. Believing all my treasures are stored up in Heaven, my only Treasures on earth are the people who are in my life. Your parents brought you and Helen Mae into my life and heart. As God healed you then, Sweetheart…He continues to heal you both and have allowed you both to marry and have beautiful children and serve Him with your lives.

    Not my own family ….but some people become related because of The Family of God! Thank you Stevie…for finally realizing you need not be afraid of this Aunt Marty ever. My life is lived for children. Being a school teacher brought many children into my life and heart. Some are special. Glad I made an impression of a tiny boy…that years later produced in the Man you are today, a deep respect and Godly Love for a fellow Christ Servant….a sister in Christ.
    Continued Love and prayers, Commissioner Marilyn D. Francis…but to you…Aunt Marty. Romans 8:28


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